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Cagri: Julia and Wanda

Cagri comics

Julia is finally one of the anchorwoman of CBC or she’s ready to ride your woman’s new found job more or less all the way to finally, the fame and fortune this girl deserves. At least, this is precisely Julia thinks, but yet what your sweetheart doesn’t trust is that the first anchorwoman, Wanda, is scheduling her revenge. Wanda numerous her hand and barrel to a car dureté, and then Julia chose along and took your wife job as well. Was Julia behind Wanda’s dureté? Who cares, once Julia’s mild orange cunt is actually pounded in Wanda’s prosthetic cock the following doesn’t in truth matter assuming she’s in the wrong. She’s able to suffer disregarding.

Julia’s claims that will she’s naive only act to make Wanda angrier, and soon Julia’s punishments become even more harsh. Her punishments become a lot more inventive and humiliating, concerning being forced to face up to your loved one fear of subjects while getting lige her stringent asshole fucked accompanied by a strapon and having to slam and suck the revolting security guard from one particular TV facility that your girl had terminated. Julia as a final point breaks each time Wanda shoves an hot dildo finished her dromedary, admitting the girls guilt during the time her all that shit tunnel fries…

Cagri comics Cagri comics