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Predondo: prison horror story part 2

Predondo comics

The hell on In the world continues within stunning follow up to penitentiary Horror using the brilliant as well as , accomplished artist Predondo!

Claire Redfern, a foreign maintenance worker, came to our backwater, South American earth in the hopes of rehabilitating their particular inhabitants and teaching her the value of civilized manners, however , what your ex didn’t marks on was your woman’s willful, 18 year old girl following in her actions. Beautiful Vicki Redfern, hacia fresh-faced 18 year good old baby girl from the usa had reached the country to make a manufacturer including a career for little, nevertheless neither mother neither minor expected the horrible heck that would come after!

your own cruel, tattooed Latino called Gustavo seasoned his vision on Vicki provided by 1, and when the willful babe refused ones advances, she or he decided with call in his mother. Unfortunately for Claire and as well Vicki Redfern, Gustavo’s mum was one of the cruelest and the clearly sadistic prison wardens active in the entire country – a definite vicious lesbian who passed the name of Mistress Melanie! Vicki Redfern was likely captured deep under false pretenses and brought to the P. S. f. C. : the Foreign skanks Correctional Center!

Desperate to prevent her daughter, précise Redfern went all the a lot to usually the top… with Colonel Chavez himself. Web page proved to be a colossal mistake, one that Claire Redfern is now really regretting!

Life within just minutes the prison the wall surfaces about the F. S. m. C. is worse and would Claire Redfern could occasionally fantacy in her darkest dreams. Beholden to the whims to do with her atroz captors, really forced with humiliate and decay little for the pleasure while using male and female mouth guards who have her completely, things in that hopes about saving the woman’s daughter provided by an even worse luck!

Predondo comics Predondo comics