Birthday gift 11 – Graduation by Erenisch

Erenisch comics

The year is 2038… Many countries have handed the “ Compulsory Customer Slavery Law” and legalized the sexual use as well as , trade of nubile young girl over 18 years attached to age. When a young girl reaches the age involved with legal enslavement, she might be bought and commercialized, hired and whored, and as a consequence used in every you can possibly imagine way…

… Artist/writer Erenisch first imagined my shocking future over 8-10 in years past. Since that moment, the Birthday Gift Clan has grown to come to be you’ll find the most complex and annoyed BDSM fantasies ever crafted.

This epic narrative has redefined what sensual comics are capable including. Erenisch comics are notable for most of their exceptional artwork, featuring incredible naked women with convoluted facial expressions; as well as for specific interesting stories, which depict real emotions and believable characters. Each man and then girl has a characteristic all their own. One of the characters feel like valid people, which makes the problem that much more interesting to look them fuck and use ill each other and renovate the girls in sexual slaves.

An complete online community of fans sprang up around the Birthday bash Gift Sagan and each story gained a subsequent previously unheard of for every BDSM comic.

2 weeks ago, the final chapter displays arrived.


Most of the slave-owning society at the E-verse is carefully planned to make sure you sustain itself. Women are generally subjected to an resourceful collection of regulations, designed that break their wills and furthermore make them compliant. From time to time so-called “ free” girls and boys alike have been taught regarding casually accept being layed pipe to by whoever wants it.

The local much school is paramount to applying the gospel of slavery. Teachers, books, and actually pop culture all locomotives girls to accept unique destiny as slaves. Captive girls are given self-esteem sapping new names to strengthen their new identities. During the last year, young girls like Maggie Cumbunny, Sherry Slutkitten, Gwen Sluttyfox, Tawnie Puppycunt, Lucy Crapharlot and many other, were collared and enslaved. By the end using the year, nearly every idol in high school being turned into a fucktoy!

Every single twins knows he can do whatsoever be he needs to every single cutie. That is the great “ normal” at Eville High. The only on this isn’t very to abuse one particular cunt that is operated by another boy. So even that rule has become being broken. No femal is safe.

Erenisch comics Erenisch comics

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