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Harem 2020 by Cagri

Cagri comics
But what Olivia doesn’t realize is that she’s dressed a tad too skimpily in this extremely conservative state. She doesn’t realize that it’s not her training techniques but her tight ass and bouncing boobs that have brought her to this country. When her contract expires, Olivia is ready to hop on a plane out of here, but all flights have been cancelled due to Covid19, and Olivia finds herself stuck in this sandy, backwater wasteland with no way out. She’s so distressed that she doesn’t think twice about a cup of fine wine handed to her, and before she knows it, it’s lights out!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

Red Eagle by Cagri

Cagri comics
This hyper expensive, otherworldly material completely neutralizes Red Eagle’s powers, and she finds herself as weak and helpless as a newborn kitten. Unfortunately for the gorgeous Joan Rivera, David Romano wants more than her pussy, her tears, and her screams… he’s going to perform invasive and humiliating genetic experiments on her to try and unlock the secrets of her powers and what comes of it might spell the end for not just Joan, but for the world as we know it.
Cagri comics Cagri comics

Harem 2018 By Cagri (fansadox 488)

Cagri comics

Habeeb the slavemaster should be bad enough, a larger brute associated with man along with a punch to help, and yet the worst comes as a result of little Mistress Aisha, a particular spitfire of a mistress who has it designed for Karen Moore. Karen Moore will behave herself, or else she’ ll find a girl tits lopped off coupled with fed on the is certainly silver platter of Sheik Malik’ s real nutritious meal! You’ d best carry on yourself, little Miss Moore, your tits are for the cloths line!

Cagri comics Cagri comics

In Cruel Hands. Part One. by Cortez

In Cruel Side. Part One.

‘ The villa was considered private, set back from the road in a real quiet, expensive two fifths of vicinity away from the bustle and noise of the actual centre behind high, refined walls; not mark the situation out from the neighbouring properties. In this range, home associated with senior afable servants and military reps, even security camera systems and officers at the gate were found to be not uncommon. But, to every kind of that the villa was considered avoided by those who also knew of existence… and in addition who desired to remain around good health. It was possibly not a place which experts state was mentioned at the guidebooks or included implementingwithin the actual regular tourist tours.

Of course there were found to be a few unfortunate visitors who paid a vacation in the villa, among the actual steady stream of college students, lawyers, journalists, nurses and in addition others. Most were woman, many were young and in addition attractive, and all were found to be taken there by coerce. Almost all of people had been foolish System.Drawing.Bitmap to believe that the situation couldn’t happen to them… until it did.

Thirty five year ancient freelance journalist, Helen Sinclair, didn’t know about the actual villa, but she assumed that places like the situation existed. Huddled behind a real taxi she bit him or her lip; nervous and shocked she felt the acute anxiety rising every time men and women passed a check aim. She had her saga, because computer disc this mailed that morning was comprised of each and every proof she commanded, now all she has to do was end up out safely.

In spite of her growing fears, Sally checked in for the actual flight without problems. Upon the final security take a look at in Departures, she breathed a sigh of relief and just begun in relax a fraction in cases where the three men around white shirts, black pants and sunglasses approached him or her. Oh yes they were found to be so skilful; no fuss… a quiet murmur related to a ‘routine check’, a real hand on each of your arm and in addition a polite ‘please get there this way’.

More the door all pretence stopped. As the front door clicked shut a closed fist slammed into her abdomen while other hands turned in her hair, aching her head back and in addition preventing her doubling over in agony. Before this could even breathe, not to say cry out, her small hands were twisted behind him or her back and a fast thin band was jerked tight binding her arms together. Still gasping and in addition retching inside the blow this tried to lift him or her head… and the environment went dark…

Nineteen-year-old Anna Tam thought this knew the risks too… inside the end she’d joined the actual marches with the a variety of other students even if she’d hardly really got deeply occupied. She’d seen how police and soldiers had behaved when breaking up their personal demonstrations; it was elementary to believe the tips about people disappearing and in addition being tortured when you would seen them at perform well on the streets.

It was her room-mate, Lily, who was the actual firebrand, always doing pieces, protesting, marching and probably to endless meetings. This was Lily who has volunteered to hand over the information into the blondinet American reporter; until this told Anna she was considered being watched. So Lily persuaded Anna to get instead. Nothing to the situation, she said. Go in the hotel, second area, room 28 and women knock. The description was considered clear. An American, succinct blonde hair, pretty who have blue eyes, good add up and big breasts (Lily had made a place associated telling her in respect to the brunette hair and big breasts). When she shows the customer her passport, check the actual name and movie, give him or her the envelope and end up out.

But Lily was working as a real Secret Police informer; and in addition they found Anna being she left the conventional hotel whilst others shadowed any American onto the airport …

bdsm story by cortez