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The lighthouse by Bojan

Bojan comics

The kid in regards to the Cadillac may be ruthless Mexican the bright colors slaver. Her or his job consists located on capturing young seducente girls north while using the border in addition smuggling them the means to the south the places hot chicks add Lea and Drag into court are much by using demand…

The person drugs the additional confident girls in addition takes them the means to her hideaway, a remote lighthouse miles away of any introduced freeway.

Offering day is located on Fridays in addition it’ ohydrates just Saturday morning…

There’ ohydrates the required time00 to check a goods… and in order to scramble them!

The ladies awaken completely clueless. Individuals can’ about establish where these are typically and exactly has happened for. Soon they comprehend they can’ about move which themselves are usually in pain. They are just plain naked in addition shamefully tied to training frams!

Rafa, a bastard in regards to the Cadillac, should be leering at these animals. He’ ohydrates too naked… in addition unrestrained!

Any blonde girl approximately Lea’ ohydrates in addition Sue’ ohydrates age should be kneeling between her muscled legs around giving him thoughts. The woman is naked add them using a dog collar using a lash is straightened around her sleek wassermann!

Rafa is the reason for the horrified youngsters their cruel fate. Individuals can’ about believe in spite of they’ re also within. Slaves don’ about exist in regards to the modern world!

Secondly they couldn’ about be a little more wrong…

Rafa are able to spend a wide week showing these animals how wrong they are….

Bojan comics Bojan comics