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The dungeon 01 – Please, I can’t take any more by Agan Medon

The lead monk you should turned back to our own cage of frightened, undressed women and jeered. “ Look, my brothers! Most people have a sinner concerning sinners, a harlot for the whores! A true whore of Satan! ” My head monk pointed a great accusatory finger at one of the bald Janet Mulligan, and also the crowd of monks collectively gasped in astonishment and righteous indignation. “ She has been ski this kind of unrepentant sinner by Father or mother Roccasius himself! She is regarded as the ball spawn over the devil! She really need to be punished such as regarding these other girls not to ever stray from the direction of righteousness! ”

“ Amen! Amen! JA!! ” the crowd involved with monks chanted angrily.

“ You’ re every single one of crazy! ” Janet screamed, thrashing against the ordinary confines while using the cage. “ You’ re all willy crazy! Alright then, i’ll out to here, you psycho bastards, or I’ ll glass ball kick every one using you! ”

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