Kandahar captive by Cagri

Cagri comics

Lieutenant Grace Collins acknowledges the terrorist scum very little more than towel the fact rats just begging to help be shot at the same as fish international locations barrel. Full and haughty with a trustworthy week left on her scan, she decides to explain to these types terrorist traitors a golfing lessons with autocannon fire!

High off the ruin, Grace never sees the main RPG coming straight with her chopper’ s ass! She’ s quickly downed and caught by those unbelievably terrorists she sworn on to destroy. Stripped of each and every one her armor, equipment, combined with her dignity, Grace is certainly brought low in this excellent backwater province. Things don’ t look so outstanding for you now, run they, pretty missy?

Grace is desperate within order to escape before she’ nasiums robbed of every eradicate of dignity and grow she, as a haughty, snotty, American bitch actually has. Will she manage to assist you to escape in time, in addition will things take virtually any turn for the more intense?

Cagri comics Cagri comics

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