Roman cruelty and decadence by Damian

Damian comics

But that was rapid Rome. As Rome accomplished the borders of each of our known world and worn-out its availabilit of gold combined with conquest, it grew cellulite and decadent. Centuries because of warfare and bloodshed has done not build a contemporary society that knew art in addition gentleness. When it trampled across all it could potentially, Rome needed another journey to quench its blood-thirst and it’s hunger to receive cruelty.

Rome progressed bankrupt upon its decadent parties of savage sadism and shocking cruelty. All these entrenched in power recently has an ancient hunger that ?s going to be could not satisfy.

The womenfolk of finally, the conquered would do…

Rome was collapsing as little as its own weight… & it would take a variety of, pretty girls along who have it. They would know pain and suffering preceding the end…

Damian comics

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