Bad lieutenant 2: Daddy’s girl by Arieta

Arieta comics

Unfortunately for Natasha, my mom chose the wrong aim when she stole outside of the beloved daughter at an associate around the barbaro crime boss, Vuk Draganovic. Vuk is the innovator of the Serbian Mafia, this feared throughout each city. Many innocent teenagers have come to repent the day their driveways crossed with this Mobster.

What people don’ t realize is exactly who Vuk Draganovic is sufffering from a skin mole inside the police strain. Detective Darinka O’ Malley frequently decorated cop since one of Chief Collins’ closest confidantes, but unknowingly to the chief my mom belongs to Vuk. Virtually.

When she was not out at business for either of your loved one bosses, Chief Collins or even Vuk Draganovic, Detective O’Malley must be naked since chained in Draganovic’ beds warehouse. Her body is refurbished and abused inside the mobster and his men. It could O’ Malley who i have uncovered the Sex Burglar’ beds identity and it was O’ Malley who probably will bring her to Draganovic. Natasha.

Arieta comics Arieta comics

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