Bad liutenant 1: Dirty cop by Arieta

Arieta comics

Soon, Anne, Elizabeth, and so Mary are forced directly into a life of greater seas servitude and or maybe a slavery! These haughty beauties are quickly taught that do they are nothing considerably more than fuckmeat designed for use but bear in mind the crew desires! Each of these lovelies are forced on do many of the most depraved and so wicked which a light blue balled pirate, stuck on months at sea without any a single fetching male to fuck, can image! Things soon become even more draining than vacancies to make the snatched snatch as soon as they obtain the send orders is bound for unquestionably the east and the stores of Arabia and China… those foreign devils offer even more perverse and so maniacal desires, and there are nothing better to fill foreign lusts than out of control, haughty female meat!

That is… if these companies survive the crew at first!

Arieta comics Arieta comics

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