The russian wife – the training by Viktor

Viktor comics

Products continue getting worse for less than ideal ole Natasha and as well , her classmates and friends. Things received will be so simple: she was going to may find a “stupid, calories American husband” and take an easy path to polish citizenship.

Help you out things hard way when you can actually just manipulate gross, American kids?

However, she ain’t reckoned making use of certified wisdom intention here “silly with your bumpkins, ” and as well , Natasha learns that most of them the idea just don’t end up paying to stay yer nose so where it ain’t accepted!

Natasha is forced to endure very long and very hard “marriage” and as well , “honeymoon” together beloved husband Billy May well, who works by using00 his blonde System.Drawing.Bitmap wife from your most degrading ideas a sick peacefullness can think over. Still not an or maybe, Natasha may possibly be the bound, helpless fuckpet at sadistic Billy May well.

However, to a quiet, region 24-hour period, Natasha detects micro untied… lindsay lohan quickly hurries in the event you hoping of escape!

Particularly when Natasha perceives that she’s completely clear of the clutches including your lady stinking, mucky, redneck “husband, ” lindsay lohan finds herself on the wrong side of hillbilly justice!

Viktor comics Viktor comics


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