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College girls exploited by Benedikt

Benedikt album

Pretty, brunette Keira was obviously a hot piece of factor that has been caught in your current club applying doozy within a cocktail. When your own woman wakes up, she acquired herself naked, chained, gagged, and enslaved in your club’ s basement! She’ s quickly brought that heel and hell so when the big, black bouncers come in to break-up period feature newest, brunette girl! What do you do next will get out of you stunned.

Crazy bombshell Amanda was extreme off of high-school, cheerleader, senior squad success, yet when the team’ ohydrates coach Terry finally factors her, he’ ll provide the little cockteaser specifically what happens to naughty small amount sluts when they show all the goods! Very stressful for tempting, teen ruler Amanda, team coach Terry isn’ t the singular one that wanted your piece of her simply because she’ ll soon appear out when she’ ohydrates made to serve since service or else!

Benedikt album

Swift Fox liked to break them by Damian

Wild west

Swift Fox was a warrior sent on her or his lonely mission far afield and away from homes and hearth. From just one particular homestead to the new he wandered, watching between the weeds and its trees as he looked over the household to see if the item held a worthy campaigner. One homestead had few a fat pig using a brood of children, not worth of Night Thunder’s fascination. Good had a carry out litter of pretty female babies but also an insatiable and hungry father who have had too many using his own lonely weeks to leave his daughters alone… Swift Fox suspected those girls just weren’t bacteria-free either. One held that ancient cow who ought not to have come out to allow them to the hard frontier, together with another was all men’s and boys which so you Swift Fox to wonder about the perversions of one of the white man.

Speedy Fox wandered long and moreover far away from lands your lover knew, searching day and as well as night under Night Thunder’s command. For a times, he wondered if he or would find anyone agreeable at all, until your man came across the most excellent flower, waiting alone in the wilderness.

This girl was a lone lovely lady, young and pretty simply determined. She was lovely and proud, working regarding a little household and so carrying a little musket around like it would serve her well too much. He could tell just by the stiffness of your partner’s spine and the glare or halos in her eyes which will she thought herself ahead of the rest that lindsay lohan thought she had nearly she needed to turn out on her different. Swift Fox would eventually teach her the corruption of her ways. The singer was easy, too comfortable and easy. Swift Fox did ‘t need to use his full art of caution and hunting skill. The woman screamed and shouted, on the other hand she was subdued extremely easily. She fought like per wildcat, but Swift Sibel easily spread her broad open similar to a piece of meats about to be flensed. Oh how her and also twitched and danced right behind the cool kiss with this knife as Swift Monk skillfully removed her practically dress and let it all are in tatters to each ground.

bdsm story by Damian

Sorority house terror by Slasher

Slasher comics

It’ s the eighties, and these girls are perhaps living the dream, quite high on haughtiness and perspective!

They have all their whole lives ahead because of them, and no specific is going to take them down, least of completely their other sorority siblings!

Everyone here is generally full of sass, as well they all backtalk about the!

They don’ g even have any distress to coat their naked, marvellous bodies… how could any of you expect your own have the manners?

Slasher can be one of the most advantageous artists out there, and in addition he doesn’ t will never with this thrilling yet chilling new issue layered with vintage fucking and stroking!

Lovingly illustrated because full of the most well-known, rawest, but just as perverted datan out there, this really every day best issue yet!

Slasher comics Slasher comics

Dream holiday no.1 by Damian and William Anker

Damian comics

Damian takes you over one other riveting tale a functional little bit closer to quarters. When these gorgeous class queens all congregated at the fabulous beaches inside Mediterranean to celebrate these victories in grace or elegance all through the western the entire global population, they had no imagined you get with the unrest or violence preparing under the surface. Good violent rebellion soon sweeps during the entire country leaving nothing in the world untouched, least of each of the these posh and gentrified hotels where bikini covered females are playing innocently.

Soon the teenagers will find themselves swept up in the awful ferocity of the above mentioned desert fanatics as the they’ re split moving up and separated and supplied to desert sheiks coupled with sultans! These girls will most certainly soon learn obedience and therefore submission when they’ re forced to endure painful and violent sex and moreover bondage! These naughty and then haughty ladies will always be beaten into submission until finallyl they figure out how to properly procedure their exacting masters…

One way or one particular, these girls will acquire to submit their particular cutting edge masters. One way alternatively another, these obey. Each of these poor girls will disappear into the shimmering sands of the desert, not to be seen again…

Damian comics

A tale of chinese slavery part2 – traded by Celestin

Celestin comics

One minute, she’s discussing making use of a handsome, young, dangerous exchange student… then some of the next thing she is trained in, she’s a bound, gagged, and helpless sex slave!

Her new mistress is Chyou, an egotistic, Chinese bitch living on the inside a lavish penthouse suite when downtown Shanghai. Chyou commonly wanted a reasonably, white, fat-titted “cow” to screw with… and additionally Hannah is her brand new, unlucky fuckslut! Hannah will to learn a fresh new lesson now: how so that you can obey her sadistic, lesbian porn mistress under threat associated with extreme PAIN!

Then begins Hannah’s slow, humiliating descent from college pay tribute to student in the direction of lowest involved with the low: some fuckmeat to be used plus abused however her inhumano and sadistic mistress views fit. Sheltered Hannah am going to see a lot of horrifying areas in the dark underbelly of Shanghai… whether the young woman wants to or not…

Celestin comics Celestin comics

Far west by Damian

Roman cruelty and decadence part 2 by Damian

Damian comics

The Romans were when a powerful race of warriors who spanned almost those entirety of the established, Girl. Their empire elongated, lengthened, outstretched, expanded, outspread from Gaul and Britannia in the western world to the tips of Persia and Egypt in the east. Individuals were strong and efficient, and their Centurions becoming the most successful soldiers the business had ever known.

But with great performance comes great decadence and as well , depravity. While the troops conquered on the ends of driving, their spoils towards war came home in order to really feed the cruel then sadistic machine. The kids were fat and affluent and wanted more, more, more! They wanted to hear the girls scream louder, wanted to gaze at them bleed deeper, so wanted to wallow of the girls’ pain and as well , misery! Even the Orlando cultists, heretics who refusal to worship the Chief, weren’t spared from Both roman wrath!

Rome fiddled as it burned the scene as it sang a nice song of shouting as well as the screams. In time, Both roman cruelty would fade to a great mere memory… but regarding folk who suffered the a great number of, the girls all Both roman sadism and torment, the last memory can be the almost painful of all…

Damian comics

A tale of chinese slavert: Captured! by Celestin

Celestin comics

One minute, she’ ohydrates talking with a large, young, currency student… perhaps the next thing this person knows, she’ s an important bound, gagged, and helpless sex slave!

His or her new mistress is Chyou, an arrogant, Chinese pussy to fuck living in a high end penthouse suite in town Shanghai. Chyou always longed a pretty, white, fat-titted “ cow” to performance with… and Hannah is without a doubt her newest, unlucky fuckslut! Hannah gets to discover a new lesson but: how to obey jane’s sadistic, lesbian mistress while under threat of extreme GRIEF!

Celestin comics Celestin comics

Audition part 5 by Geoff Merrick

Audition part 5

The agent drove to Warren West Hollywood, obeying all the laws of the road. He could see obviously out the windshield of the van, and anyone who cared to could look in.

What they couldn’ t see was that, at the base of the front seats, there were rubber and plastic-coated chains linked around the far legs of the auto chairs.

And attached to them were straps which were tightly buckled around the ankles of a beautiful young blond actress.

Lydia’ s ankles squirmed in their new bonds. They also squirmed in a new wardrobe. In the trunk corner of the van, Lydia’ s torn, ripped, sliced, and cut dress was thrown in a tiny, pathetic pile. Now imprisoning her dainty, perfectly shaped feet were four and a half-inch, black, ankle-strap high-heels. Caressing her legs were sleek black stockings, topped with delicate lace.

There were no garter belts. There was nothing to obscure her hips until the merry widow started. That one piece of costuming was as severe as any the agent had ever seen and Lydia had ever worn, even in the costume dramas she was cast in. It was all black satin with murderous stitched-in metal slats to make her waist even smaller.

But what really took her breath away, both literally and figuratively, was the way it gathered, cupped, and thrust her three-quarter naked breasts into the air—the tiny pink nipples arching forward like accusing fingers. Much to her chagrin, her nipples were achingly erect because Joyce and Madge saw to it that they were.

Her fingers reached out agonizingly for the thousandth time, held back by the straps which stretched from clamps soldered in both side walls of the van. She gurgled for the millionth time, trying not to choke on the bile which the huge ball strapped in her mouth and filling her cheeks created. Drool coursed down both cheeks as Madge did maintenance to her breasts and Joyce saw to her privates.

Both were incredibly skilled at what they did. It suddenly dawned on Lydia through the buzzing sexual haze that both women were lesbians and were totally dedicated to giving her more painful pleasure than she ever had in her life. It was completely different from what her agent had done, but it was just as awful because she was strapped spread-eagled to the floor of a moving van and totally restrained from escaping or calling out.

Lydia doubted that she even could at this point.

Joyce’ s tongue set off lightning as well as fireworks. Anything the captive did to avoid the inevitable only made it worse. Soon her hips were rolling and surging of their own volition as she moaned, groaned, and dribbled helplessly.

The rockets Madge set off only made it worse. What she did to her tits were like firecrackers going off inside her torso while Lydia sucked on the ball which pushed her mouth open to its widest aperture, and the van rolled inexorably on.

Madge kept one hand on one of Lydia’ s breasts, using her pointed, sharp fingernails to pinion the nipple, while her lips and tongue sucked, teased, and tickled the other teat.

bdsm story by geoff merrick

Kingsley’s revenge part 2 by Feather

Feather comics

The one thing when the Duke hates added than spirited, fiery fine az bitches are ungrateful bitches the people that aren’t pleased with his or her life as dick munchers and cum guzzlers! Your current Duke is intent forward it is only natural his pet discovers her place.

Your girlfriend will suffer for your partner crimes with every piece of her body. The interior circle of the Black and white Raven Club is definitely more violent and sadistic than its regular elements, and the Duke doesn’t qualms about Anne’s comfortableness or her safety…

And William will uncover out his personal place as better. Duke Graff Martel actually has a dominatrix at string disposal, the Lady Natalie, and the only problem the Lady Natalie likes added than taming strong willed females is turning arrogant lordlings into obedient boytoys…

William will speedily learn that he’s not at all match for the real world. Lady Natalie will turn William from a substantial and powerful man through a quivering dick and are generally a slave!

However it these are just all of the appetizer to an even bigger entrйe of pain and furthermore sexual sadism! Duke Graff Martel and woman Natalie come with darker, more perverted blueprints for their newest playmates…

Feather comics Feather comics