Indefinite detention part 2 by Roberts

Roberts comics

While the cat’s in the trash, the mice will join their friends in. Sergeant Hardick has her/his own plans over the more modern terrorist arrival, and then it provides the entire garrison and the retarded mechanic Greaseball. The particular most intense and drastic methods will ensure these great terrorist sluts confess with their crimes of basically trampy whores!

Merely a threat looms referring to the horizon, unseen to either Colonel Kornhol maybe the mechanic Greaseball maybe anyone amongst. A wonder inspection is inbound, sending the corrupt and junk addled Senator Feelie then his more competent dépendance, Luther. While a debauched revelry of sexual inmoralidad rages throughout the marine corps black site, Senator Feelie is inbound with her/his own plans and her/his own intentions to show you most significant to treat the recent terrorist arrivals…

Yet another evaluations pay for this method rank insubordination and improper conduct. Immediate disciplinary behaviour is required…

Roberts comics

Roberts comics

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